We are


We imagine as far as we can, we produce the unimagined and we deliver what you never thought before, but until today.

We follow two strong principles.

The first one, we will always believe in the potential. Each idea, product, and project can go a step further to be better, to do more, for your brand, for you, and for the world.

The second one, we are better together. Two minds think wider than one and maximize results, just like two ideas, combined, make a bigger and brighter one.

North & Collie is the blend of the, always possible, two perspectives; is a bonding to create an expanded vision of the world we live in.

This is why we make magnetic collaborations between brands, to do a beautiful, explosive, and arty visualization of the better world that’s in your mind, connecting products in the creation of The Best Version.

We want to awake people from the numbness. We are used to receiving new inputs every second, even simultaneously, and it gets harder every day to make people react. We have the mission to make them see and reconnect with the world, through extreme impact communication.

We develop multidisciplinary visuals. Video, photography, illustration, CGI or experiences, that achieve the necessary awareness to trigger the action with unique, memorable, vibrant pieces.